New Arrival on Most Affordable E-bike Folding Electric Bike



Halle Neustadt Exclusive Regenerative Systerm


Type: Electric Hybrid Bicycle, Frame: Artificial Mechanics Aluminum Alloy Frame

Wheels/Tires: 20” F/R Air-Filled, Suspension: Front Suspension Fork

Motor: 500W Brushless Motor, Brake: Mechanical Disc Brake

Battery: 48V / 10.4AH Samsung Removable Lithium Battery Cells, Charging Time: 5 Hours

Headlight: 5W Bright Front Light, Tail Light: Reflector,

Maximum Speed: 28-30MPH (PAS Mode) & 26-28MPH (Electric Mode), Mileage:35-40mi(Electric) / 40-45mi(PAS)

Display: IP65 Waterproof Intelligent Display

Package Size: 31.1*23.23*16.54Inch, Folding Size: 30.7*21.3*30.3Inch

Max. Load: < 330lbs, Product Weight: 64lbs

X5s 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike 48V Snow Beach Electric Bicycle with Removable Lithium Battery

Front Suspension

  • Full aluminum alloy mechanical front fork. Travel: 120 mm
  • Suspension absorbers effectively filter out vibrations during bumpy road sections and improve the riding comfort.
  • 5W bright LED headlight with one key control.

Fat Tires

  • CST 20”*4.0” front and rear fat tires with wider rims for ultimate comfort.
  • Minimized risk of puncture with enhanced safety on the road.
  • All terrain: Wet stone, muddy paths, sand beach or snowy hills.


Foldable Frame

  • 15 inches aluminum alloy frame with a convenient carrying holder.
  • Three-step to fold X5s and save your space.
  • Bike total weighs 64 lbs with the battery and max load 330 lbs.
  • Come with fenders and rear rack.



Mechanical Brakes

  • Tektro F&R mechanical disc brakes.
  • Responsive braking power.
  • 160mm rotors.



  • SHIMANO 7-speed freewheel with DERAILLEUR GUARD.
  • Aluminum alloy cranks and sprocket.
  • Wellgo aluminum alloy pedals, foldable


Seat & Saddle

  • Twist throttle is easy to control.
  • Soft saddle ensures safer riding.
  • Providing rider enough space to move around.
  • Prevent slipping in an aggressive stance.











The LEONX power assist system(e-pas)is a patented technology of the LEONX team. It features energy saving, power generation and long battery life. Our LEONX electric vehicle products all use E-PAS exclusive technology to optimize the motor and professional hardware. The electric power efficiency of our electric vehicles can easily reach more than 85% Under the intelligent control of E-PAS, seamless between driving and reverse charging can be realized.
Not only that, but our system has also achieved two major technological breakthroughs.
  • First, compared with the traditional electric vehicle control system, our system saves more than 50% of the power, prolonging battery life.The other is that our E-PAS can be reverse-charging.
  • Our E-PAS technology automatically converts kinetic energy into electricity when going downhill above 15mph and stores it in the battery cell to make the battery more active and extend its life.
  • Something about E·pas you may want to know

    • Q: How does E·pas work?
    • A: Ride faster, over 15 mph at PAS 0/1 for longer thanks to the energy regeneration tech that automatically charges the battery for 20% power as you ride. The intelligent sensor engage the E.pas system to regenerate 60% energy when you’re going down hill without energy consumption.
    • Q: Does E·pas disrupt the charging cycles of the battery?
    • A: No, it doesn’t. Due to the characteristics of lithium batteries, lithium ions will crystallize after the power is exhausted, thereby blocking the electrode rods, resulting in a decrease in the electrolyte and a decrease in the activity of the lithium ions. This is the main reason for the shortened life of lithium batteries after repeated charging and discharging. The correct way is to charge in time, don’t wait for the power to run out before charging. E·pas power regeneration technology is to keep the lithium ion activity at any time which will increase instead of reducing the battery life.

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