The LEONX power assist system(e-pas)is a patented technology of the LEONX team. It features energy saving, power generation and long battery life. Our LEONX electric vehicle products all use E-PAS exclusive technology to optimize the motor and professional hardware. The electric power efficiency of our electric vehicles can easily reach more than 85% Under the intelligent control of E-PAS, seamless between driving and reverse charging can be realized.
Not only that, but our system has also achieved two major technological breakthroughs.
  • First, compared with the traditional electric vehicle control system, our system saves more than 50% of the power, prolonging battery life.The other is that our E-PAS can be reverse-charging.
  • Our E-PAS technology automatically converts kinetic energy into electricity when going downhill above 15mph and stores it in the battery cell to make the battery more active and extend its life.
The original intention of the LEONX brand was to build a green and environmentally friendly platform, let more people participate in low carbon roads, and LEONX energy-saving with you to participate in the green lifestyle of healthy travel.